I am a feminist and a LGBT ally.

I need feminism because I am fed up of having my arse grabbed in clubs. I need feminism because when I was working in a bar, a punter tried to grab my breasts. I need feminism because men whistle at me in the street, like they would an animal. I need feminism because I have been sexually assaulted and pressured into having sex when I felt uncomfortable. 

I am a LGBT ally because the fucking media in this country still print hate-speech. Lucy Meadows, the trans-female primary school teacher who committed suicide after the Daily Mail (written by Richard Littlejohn) printed an entire article slamming her which lead to her receiving a torrent of abuse. I am LGBT ally because I’m fucking sick to death of uneducated, prejudiced morons like Julie Burchill preaching hate of what they don’t understand like we still live in the fucking Dark Ages.

To still be a misogynist, a trans/homophobe or racist in the twenty first century is unforgivable and morally reprehensible. Although the best way to prevent the perpetuating of hate against gender or sexual orientation is education, which is something the Government needs to work on to prevent this kind of negative media. The hatepseech written by Littlejohn and Burchill needs to be recanted, reprimanded and I sincerely hope they publish a contrite article in recognition of their heinous actions and the consequences - like the death of Lucy.

And I love Tumblr because in general, the people on here are by far the most aware, accepting and liberal online community in the world.

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